Meeting Yet Another Author

A Teacher's Reflections

Mount Holyoke College in Western Massachusetts hosts children’s book authors, and recently Patricia MacLachlan was a speaker.  Remember Sarah, Plain and Tall?  It was the first book that made me cry as an adult.  Mandatory reading for my children when they were in third grade.

Sarah, Plain and Tall also won the coveted Newbery Award.  That’s the brass ring, the Holy Grail in children’s literature.  My copy is very worn and well-loved.  Patricia smiled when she saw the book and said, „This is one of the first copies.“  It seemed to bring back memories for her.

When I arrived at the speaking event, I was surprised.  The room was old and lovely- fireplace, sofas, big casement windows.  It was filled with students from the children’s literature course… and me!

„Please, come up front.  I’d be happy to answer any questions before we begin“, she said.  „I don’t see well with my macular…

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