Is the Grass Greener? Part 4

Betcha Didn't Know!

As Rebecca drove she started to think about Mr. Albate. She really felt like she could use the good company. She took the number out of her pocket and started to think about if she should call him. After hard thinking and consideration, she decided to give Mr. Albate a call. She pulled over into a parking lot and made the call. Rebecca hand started to shake. Calling him made her more nervous than she thought. He answered the phone.

“ Hello!“ he said.

“ Hi, this is Rebecca. I was your nurse last night.“

“ Hello Rebecca! I’m so glad to hear from you. I didn’t expect you to keep the number!“

“ Well, I wasn’t, but you seemed like such a nice guy, so I thought maybe a cup of coffee wouldn’t hurt.“

“ That sound great! Are you free tonight? I’m out the hospital now, and I…

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