(Humor/Poem) Behind The Wheel

Truth Troubles

Behind The Wheel

The first time I noticed them

I had just turned nine years old

Reflecting gold and silver in the night

Moonlight off all their chrome

I knew that night that some day

Yes someday, the cab of a truck

Would be the place I would lay my head

Thirty years this rolling thunder was my home

For wife and child I worked hard to give home and food

At home the wife made it living hell behind the walls

Having to live in a life where the wife always spat hate

Leaves a person with broken spirit, heart and Soul

If your mind is to survive and not live a life of grovel

Get your backside in the seat, close the door, open the throttle

Back into a life in which you can learn to deal with the hate

When you put your foot down on the…

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