How to overcome low self-esteem


How to overcome low self-esteem


The way we see ourselves, judge ourselves determines our self-esteem. People with good self-esteem are happier compared to people with a poor self-esteem. What exactly sets these two types of people apart? Is it their successful lives or achievements that give them a positive self-image? But then aren’t these things by-products of a healthy self-esteem?

You might think, “I could have a successful career, too, had I little confidence in myself” or “I could grab that opportunity too had I seen myself worthy enough” but you think that you “suck”. The truth is everybody sucks, but they are still doing fine!

“Why?”, you would ask. The answer is, they accept themselves as who they are, embracing their strengths and accepting their weaknesses- that’s where the difference lies.

Having a good self-esteem is not an easy task, but it’s not impossible, either. The first step to…

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