Homemade Mawa Recipe With Video

Cradle of Joy

Hello everyone !

How are you all? Hope you all are doing great. Now Rakshabandan festival is gone and more festivals are coming soon. I love festivals because they add joy and happiness in our boring routine schedule. It’s a known fact that sweets and festivals are interrelated. No festival is complete without making sweets. We can make mawa peda, gulabjamun, mawa cake, mawa modak and many more dishes from mawa.

Well, today I am going to share the homemade mawa recipe. This recipe is very much easy & everyone can make mawa at home. This one is a full proof recipe with all tips given in the video. Please like it and share it.


*   Milk – 2 litres ( Take as per your choice)

*  Milk Powder- 1 cup ( optional)

*  Cream/ Malai –  1 cup ( optional )


*  Boil…

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