Democracy: What America Fears Most. U.S. needs a revolution

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Democracy: What America Fears Most

by Stephen Lendman

Throughout its history, America has been run by the people who own it – its privileged class for its own self-interest.

The nation’s first Supreme Court Chief Justice John Jay explained US governance works this way. John Adams called America’s ruling class its “rich, well-born and able.”

Today, one party rule with two right wings runs things, each taking turns in charge, in lockstep on issues mattering most – notably supporting imperial wars, corporate empowerment, police state harshness against nonbelievers, and eliminating all sovereign independent states by color revolutions or naked aggression.

In Latin America, Venezuela is in the eye of the storm, US-waged economic and political war, along with months of street violence aiming for regime change – maybe by force if current methods fail, including imposition of sanctions, often prelude to something more sinister.

Its Bolivarian social democracy represents an…

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