„All You Need Is Love“ – Zoodles, Part 2. Soudles.


Fibonacci was never married. We don’t know for sure, and maybe he was, but I choose to believe the story of a perfect spiral.


„Bellissima Donna, “ he pleaded,  – “ I love you and ask for your hand in marriage!“

„But what is it you are holding, Signore? What did you bring me? It looks like a head of cheese!! Do you think we don’t have cheese in the house?!“

„Carissima, I brought you the most precious thing in nature, a perfect spiral!“

„Signor Leonardo, I should think that a suitor would usually bring fiori – flowers!“

„Cara mia, it is a flower – cavolfiore, a cauliflower which is a perfect spiral.“

„Signor Leonardo Fibonacci, you might be a math genius, but all I need is love and some real flowers that show it, and I don’t want your perfect vegetables and your silly spirals!“

„Oh bellissima, but…

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