A Literary A-Z: N


Thanks very much to everyone for playing along so far. Please add your choices. Any book title, or the surname of an author, as long as it begins with ‚N‘.

Edith Nesbit wrote a book that was not only a joy to read, but was also turned into one of my favourite British Films. ‚The Railway Children‘ was published in 1906, and captures the spirit of that age in every way imaginable. The story of a family displaced after the wrongful arrest of the father is completely timeless in so many ways, yet in this case, rooted in the age of steam railways, good manners, and the social behaviour of the early 20th century. Who can fail to be entranced by this simple tale of social differences, acceptance in a new home, and a suitably happy ending? This is a feel-good book, in every way imaginable, and deserves its revered…

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