Tanka for the WordPress Woes

Two on a Rant

How I see the world — at dusk

Well, I was thinking about hosting a weekly Tanka challenge, but my day job (which I LOVE by the way) has doubled since beginning the monthly #TMAT120 challenge and…

WordPress STILL hasn’t fixed the problem that is killing my eyes. 

White light attacking

eyes wanting a darker space

ignores cries for help.

Not everyone owns IPhones

or lives in a perfect world.

WordPress sent me an email — asking me to rate the services of the person who had „solved“ the problem.  Apparently, I was supposed to have received an email from him or her.  Since answering their survey with a not-so-nice review of the non-services I didn’t receive, I’ve heard nothing.

However, WordPress was able to deduct their fee for another year from my account with no problem at all.

When I write my books, the background on my word processor is…

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