words for rejuvenate

My mind still goes back to those days. But I decided. I learn to fight alone. If you want to be strong,learn to fight alone. Because you are the key to your own life.

After three years gap I’m went to join college. I want to study more. In these three years I sacrificed alot. Memories are still etched in my mind. But I want to move on. Yes,I’m moving…

Today I start new chapter in my life. I’m so exciting to begin this new chapter in my life. I know,it will be difficult for me. I take a deep breath. I looked at the sky. And smiled. Yes,I can do it.

When I decided to continue my studies there were a lots of people tried to stop me. But I doesn’t care. I have already decided what I want to do. So I trust my self.

Actually I was…

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