Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 45 – #Haiku #Haibun or #Tanka: Hate & Pride

Happy POETRY Tuesday everyone!
Are you ready to get groovy with your poetry? Then, you’re in the right place! Pull up a chair, and let’s write some poetry.


Here is my contribution to last weeks prompt words of hunt (quest) and find (found).

Forlorn memories –
what once was lost is now found,
it was our last quest.

Spice was our navigator, and her chosen seat was on the console between our seats. I cope with my grief best when I can put it into words. Fly with the fairy nymphs, Spice. You live on in our hearts and in my writing. ❤

For Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge you can write your poem in one of the three forms defined below:

HAIKU in English



You can do one poem or try to do one of each. It’s up to you – YOUR CHOICE. The instructions follow below:

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