„All You Need Is Love“ – Zoodles, Part 1.


According to the Hebrew calendar, today is the holiday of love. The date is Tu b’Av (15th of the month of Av), which is a minor, yet the most mysterious of all Jewish holidays. There are no special observances, other than certain sad portions omitted from the prayer service, although in modern Israel it is considered a sort of Jewish Valentine Day.

Most importantly, it is truly the day when „all you need is love“! And because of that, the Gemorrah calls it „the greatest festival of the year“ (with Yom Kippur a second greatest). On this day, in the ancient times,  “daughters of Jerusalem would go dance in the vineyards”, and “whoever did not have a wife would go there” to seek a prospective bride (Ta’anis). That was the original annual singles event!


To fully appreciate the significance of love in Jewish culture, all you have to do…

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