A Literary A-Z: M


Feel free to add your own favourites. Any book title, or the surname of an author, as long as it begins with the letter ‚M‘.

As long ago as 1909, E. M. Forster published an incredibly prescient novella, ‚The Machine Stops‘. This looks ahead to a world where humans live in isolation underground, communicating by video messaging, and with every need supplied by an all-powerful global machine. A few still exist on the surface, getting by as best as they can with no help from the mysterious machine. Then as the title suggests, one day the machine just stops. Unable to cope without it, society disintegrates, and the surface-dwellers offer mankind’s only hope for any future. This book is well over 100 years old, yet suggests a future reliant on technology, a communication system similar to the Internet, and issues surrounding environmental catastrophe. Forster must have been something of a…

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