method two madness

watchers 3s

The pass is
wordless, but it
waits, alert–
watch and ward,
ancient, before and behind–
weathering all storms

Poem and art for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.  I’m enamored with monoprints at the moment; and I always do multiple prints from each painted piece of plastic, although sometimes I’ll add a bit of color along the way.

watchers 2s

I also try different paper, both color and texture.  You can see how things evolved for this one.  The paint was quite thick on the first one, as was the texture of the handmade paper.  I used acrylic since it’s much less expensive than gouache, and I wanted to use a lot of paint.  The second print, above, was done on light grey drawing paper, which also has a bit of texture.

watchers 1s

The third one is done on a very lightweight black handmade paper–I don’t know what the fiber is, maybe bamboo or mulberry?  I have a…

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