A visit to Somerton – A monumental family

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The Fermor Chapel, Somerton, houses the tombs of many of the Fermor family who held the land in the 16th and 17thC.

The tombs of the great and good fascinate many people. They are often superb works of art in their own right and preserve a remarkable record of the people, customs and costumes of their day. While paintings and sketches may give us textures and colours, it is not until you see a three-dimensional representation that the flowing fabrics of the ladies and the robes and armour of the gentlemen that you realise the full picture.

Tomb of William Fermor, the founder of the Fermor family who died in 1552. The brass shows his wife Elizabeth Norrys. The brasses were re-used from older tombs and have other dedications on the back.

As you walk around churches and burial grounds, there are usually only names and dates inscribed on headstones…

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