Triction, Part 3 of 3

The Eternity Acts

Triction Part 1Triction Part 2

Ken’s fingertips glided over a couple of keys, still working on that same text message from an hour earlier. He had made very little progress, lamenting his inability to focus more than actually typing. He would get a few letters down on the screen but then become distracted by something. Then he would remember his phone and exclaim to Brandon about how yet again he forgot. His memory was quite affected.

His memory was twisted in such a way that it had extreme tunnel vision. Unfortunately, it was not the tunnel vision that Adderall had afforded him when he had to read a dry textbook in one night—no it was a tunnel vision so strong he did not realize he had it. Each room was its own world that night. Spending most of his time in the living room, nothing else existed outside…

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