The truth about happiness

The Caged Bird Sings

Q.„Hey are you okay?“

A. „Umn.. Yeah I am fine!“

What a perfect lie! How often do you use this as an excuse?

Moreover, what does happiness mean to you? More money? Success? A bungalow? Expensive car? Company of your friends or loved ones? Good food? A nice dress? A kind deed? Your boyfriend/girlfriend telling you how much he/she loves you? Your health? Someone’s smile?

And, how many of you are dependant on others for your happiness? Or is it when your expectations get fulfilled that you feel happy?

Too many questions right? Okay let me give you a situation.

You already have numerous pair of shoes but you want that expensive one because it looks so dashing! Your parents agree to it and as soon as you buy it, your happiness is on top. While coming out from the showroom, you see a small child. Perhaps he can’t…

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