Leaky but not broken

Jane Dougherty Writes

I’m going to work back through Jilly’s prompts drawn from lines of Jim Harrison’s poetry. I’m not a fan (yet) but the lines work as a springboard.

Today’s, a ditty more than anything more profound, is inspired by the quote:

“Words are moving water, muddy, clear, or both”  ~  Jim Harrison


Clinging to the river bank with broken fingernails,

Vacuous words of false regret float from the bridge above.

You tell me it will be all right, as you watch the swallows leave,

And I know you’re going with them, as you ravel up your love.

I watch the river rolling on its busy bustling way,

As it carries ships and feathers to a new life on the blue.

I climb back up the muddy bank, watch sun peep through the clouds,

Water dripping, draggle-haired in a strange world without you.

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