Editorial – Notes: According to a request we got a few days earlier.

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Yes, in March 2004 an elderly (catholic) clergyman from the Altlandkreis Vohenstrauss emerged for the first time. He wanted to help us, and visited us for nearly 10 years about every 1.5 months. He stopped his visits, when the former Pope Benedict XVI. had announced his resignation. What this clergyman really wanted is still not clear to us so far. On the occasion of his first appearance, the Czech Republic was on the verge of joining the European Union (May 1, 2004). A former Bavarian minister was confronted with problems, as he received bank notes of several million euros (according to regional press 2 x 20 million euros) ), And these securities should come from a bankroll according to the regional press. Of course, this man, who had been a lawyer in the civilian profession and who had not been appointed again to the Bavarian state government in the mid-1990s, had nothing to do with bank robbery. However, he no longer experienced any juridical appraisal, since – for us to be described as „sudden“ – before this he was succumbed to a cancer treatment. Now you know a little more, which might it make  possible to establish certain connections between the „secret pool of money“ which we got communicated to the secret sale of Czech land masses, and to the extent, that a bigger part of Czech assets could be  taken over by „special“ german groups over the next decades. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. It does not suit us, too, if people from our country want to deprive another country of its territory. This is what we also call terrorism.