Donald Trump’s transphobia, Frank Sinatra parody song

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This satiric song from Britain is called Frank Sinatrump – „The Lady is a Trans„.

It is a parody of ‚The Lady is a Tramp‚ by Frank Sinatra.

It says about itself:

27 July 2017

More from Donald Trump’s Frank Sinatra tribute act, live from Mar-a-Lago.


She was a lady, but now she’s a dude
For military spending, I think it would be shrewd
If this kind of person we were to exclude
Because the lady is a trans

Zero point zero zero zero zero zero zero seven per cent
Of our annual military budget is spent
On trans medical costs, and this I resent
Because the lady is a trans

She likes to not be referred to as ‘she’
She’s gender-fluid or non-binary (or some shit like that)
But if I could, I still would grab her by the pussy

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