The Fountain

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

white treeThis dream is over 30 years old and still as fresh as ever in my mind. I recorded it at the time, knowing the implications were life-changing; indeed, it changed my outlook on life at a profound level and I can honestly say that it was from this point that my own inner journey changed gear.

Diary – 19th October 1981

I was in a strange town and I was searching for someone. I don’t know who. Someone I cared for very much. But I wasn’t alone. The town was deserted, but I wasn’t alone. There were two figures, men perhaps, serene and beautiful, but their faces were immobile, without expression. Their hair was long and their robes were colourless rather than white. There was something very ‚wrong‘ about them, neither their hair nor their clothing seemed to move and they felt menacing, powerful, though not evil.

They were…

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