DE / CZ News: The Cerchov now belongs to Germany again? Are these first reparation payments from the Czech Republic?

As the corresponding Wikipedia entry on one of the largest surveys in the Northern Bohemian Forest at least in German language shows, the Cerchov (formerly in German: Schwarzkopf) called mountain with more than 1000 m altitude now (again) to the Upper Palatinate Forest. This is also the case in the latest issue of LebensART magazine with hiking guide Ernst Meindl. What???
Do not worry, dear Czech fellow citizens, it seems again a joke with which one wants to annoy you. In the Wikipedia it is clear that the Cerchov stands in Czech territory, in the forest area „Cesky les“. Cesky les is not called „Upper Palatinate Forest“, but freely translated „Czech Forest“. Traditionally the translation is „Böhmerwald“. Here, once again, someone would like to make your Böhmerwald German. Something similar happened once a few years ago – we think it was December 2012 – when responsible people from Bavaria deliberately beat a spruce on Czech forest territory to present this tree only as a bavarian gift to Pope Benedict XVI.. On transport to Rome, even Austrian customs officials told the people that the tree was stolen.

The matter was clear when the Czech news agency officially declared the tree a Bavarian-Czech gift to the Pope.
All other readers will be able to recognize that certain people want to enter the Czech Republic today rather than tomorrow.