21,000 sanderlings on Griend island

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This video shows a sanderling feeding at the carcass of a beached porpoise, on the beach of Terschelling island, 15 December 2012.

From the Global Flyway Ecology blog in the Netherlands:

Record numbers of Sanderlings on remote Wadden Sea island

Posted on August 2, 2017 by Team Piersma

Emma Penning reports that currently (1 August 2017) over 21,000 Sanderlings roost on the Wadden Sea islet Griend, on sand banks actively created to allow Griend to “wander” again. This is twice the Dutch wintering population (ca. 9,000), and as high as the British wintering population of 20,500 birds (Reneerkens et al. 2009). As much as 10.5% of the flyway population is now on Griend (van Roomen et al. 2015). A record number of Sanderling on a single roost!

Emma Penning from the Royal NIOZ, and a team of researchers of the University of Groningen and NIOZ, are currently working…

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