Trump’s Blame Game

Political Vibes

Again, President Trump is being the Distractor and Chief. This morning he tweeted:

Trump Tweet Russia 8/3/17

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Vladimir Putin is the reason for the strained relations between The United States and Russia. It is plain and simple. It is a fact that Russia interfered in our democratic process with the use of disinformation, hacks, and leaks. This fact is supported by both American and other national intelligence agencies.

Congress deserves blame for many things, but not the poor relations we share with Russia. Congress surprisingly took a positive step this week by passing a sanctions bill against Russia for their meddling our most sacred institution. Trump signed this bill after voicing reservations, and now he criticizes Congress the appropriate retribution toward Russia.

Looking back, Barack Obama deserves some credit for emboldening Putin, as he did not take the strong action needed. However, his reasoning made some sense due to the…

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