Roman-Catholic Church – German department: What kind of person. What a great humanist.

What an encounter! What a sense of wisdom of the bishop, that he now had the cases of abuse cleared up.
Of course only the abuses within the world famous Domchoir „Regensburger Domspatzen“.

This may have given even more money as the victims are preserved. What kind of person. What a great humanist.

Not the cases of abuse, which priests of the Diocese of Regensburg could have committed in educational institutions,
in orphanages or other nurseries.

Not the cases in which people could not become priests because they wanted to make their education in Rome, and
could have been questioned by the Vatican at a very early stage.

Their lives have been ruined, so that the misuse is not known too early in the Vatican.
So that they by themself could make a career as a priest, and bring colleagues to higher and higher offices.

Also to support politicians in their careers and to make a career with them.
In the end, the politicians had to help them with praiseworthy letters. to reach a higher church office.
Really as shameful for the Roman Catholic Church in Germany. The church, which already had a contract with the Nazireich for their supply. The church, which had now apparently deceived the pope for decades.
The part of the Catholic church, which has less to do with the pope than the devil with the sacred sacraments?
The part of the Catholic church which has its own diplomacy for the strengthening of Germany, because separated from the Vatikan
and in conjunction with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany she wants to become the „German State Church“,
as she had already seen themself in the „Third Reich“?

The pope and the Vatican have a lot to do now