Israel breaks up alleged Hamas Turkey-Hebron money laundering ring

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Clockwise from top left, Majd Jaaba, Muhammad Maher Bader, Haron Nasser al-Din, Muasseb Hashalmon, Taha Uthman, Yusri Hashalmon, Umar Qimri, identified by the Shin Bet security service as the leaders of a Hamas operation to illegally bring money into Hebron. (Shin Bet)

Terror group brought some $200,000 into the West Bank to pay salaries of its command, operatives, Shin Bet says

By Judah Ari Gross | The Times of Israel

Israel’s Shin Bet security service has uncovered a complex Hamas money laundering operation that brought nearly three quarters of a million shekels into the terrorist group’s coffers, the agency announced Thursday.

In light of Israeli sanctions on the group, Hamas cannot freely move money in and out of the country. Through this plot, which began in early 2016, the group managed to transfer approximately $200,000 (NIS 720,000) into its Hebron offices from Turkey, with help from Gaza, in order to…

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