Germany – Asylum Policy / Migration: Germany would like to select again?

It is remarkable how the story can be repeated without disturbing too many people.
In German politics there is an „upper limit“ discussion, since one and a half year ago,  after decades of no migration to Germany.
For the first time in decades, refugees had entered the country.
Refugees who did not come from their own blood. People Germany had not recruited and selected.
A fact that has always existed in all other countries of the world.
At that time, Germany had 80 million citizens. A million refugees had come, but not all have remained to this day.
Supposedly, Germany is going to die out for demographic reasons.
Do we not need immigration in Germany?
For decades all other countries in the world had immigration.
Germany was spared because it became democratic?
Is not it especially in dealing with immigration whether a country is democratic or not?
It seems as if in Germany some people work on the well-known ideology of „blood and soil“ again.

According to the German proverb, „If two are arguing (the European and non-European countries), the third party can be happy“.

An acquaintance from Poland once said snappily about the immigrants admitted, that the Germans would be missing the national pride.

Then we said, he had to hope that it was so. In his opinion of German“Nationalstolz“, for a long time the Germans would have to be in Warsaw again (with troops).

Small marginal note:

In the past, Germany had already selected foreign workers into the country. No, not just in concentration camps. Also by Fritz Sauckel