Caribbean Habanero Salsa and Habanero Relish

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Habanero-based ferments are versatile and pair well with a variety of flavors. Turn down the heat by using Fresno chiles, instead.

From „Fiery Ferments“

These two habanero-based ferments are examples of the many flavors that pair well with habaneros. If the flavors sound enticing but you want a little less heat, try substituting Fresno chiles for the habaneros.

Caribbean Habanero Salsa

The thing with habaneros is that the heat comes on late. You always have enough time to taste the rest of the ingredients and think you’ve made it through without pain and sweat. The other thing about habaneros is that they have an incredibly strong, fruity quality. After sampling this salsa, every one of our tasters argued that there must be tomato in the ferment. Nope! Yield: about 1-1⁄2 pints. Heat index: Hot.

Variation: Habanero Relish

Assemble this fermented pepper relish in the same way…

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