Brownie on a Date


This cool brownie is on a sweet date. It’s so totally cool; it has spurned the heat of being baked but had a hot desire to be refrigerated instead. The date is delightfully sweet, as is proper for medjool dates, otherwise known as Judean dates. A date palm was a symbol of the ancient Kingdom of Judea, as well as a symbol of beauty, elegance, and grace, and as such, it is mentioned in The Song of Songs. The name Tamar means date palm, tall, graceful, and sweet, as King David’s beautiful daughter Tamar. kawaii_cartoon_of_vanilla_ice_cream_and_brownie_card-rc260017e81cf473bbce52fc1b3222d1e_xvuak_8byvr_324

I think my little cool brownie got very lucky with a date like that! Even better, chocolate served as the love potion, to bind them into one. As My Own Rule of Desserts #1 states, It’s not dessert, if it’s not chocolate.

Brwni dt 1.jpg

I got the idea from an amazing blog called Chocolate Covered Katie and…

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