Wellness Wednesday: 8 Diet Mistakes That Kill Your Metabolism

The Purple Almond

Everyone, it seems, is trying to lose weight. This is understandable, when you consider that 1.9 billion adults worldwide are overweight. (1) However, in this modern age of computers, smart phones and even self-driving cars, we have yet to master the best diet for losing weight and gaining perfect health.

Some people insist that you should be low fat, while others insist it is low carb. But, there is one thing upon which both sides agree, you need a healthy metabolism.

I’ve done some research and found common habits, people think are „healthy“ that actually harm metabolism. These so called „health“ habits, are actually causing you to store fat, instead of burn it.

  1.  „Dieting“ – QUIT IT! It’s natural right? You want to lose weight, so you go on a diet. You cut calories, sometimes drastically. You lose weight, go off the diet, only to regain what you lost…

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