Of Fish, Radar Detectors, And Caches


  • „Yeah, we came out of the Ozarks with 900 fish. Stashed ‚em in sleeping bags and under the floorboards of the trucks. The game authorities never had a clue that we over-fished the lakes‘ limits by the hundreds!“

The next day this same fellow took great care to get his tithe to the church on time.

  • A friend darts in and out of traffic, pushing the speed limit with the help of a radar detector. All a game, it seems, to beat the police’s effort at enforcing the law.

In a couple of days he will lead a couples‘ Bible study on „Biblical Principles of Marriage.

  • Another associate stashes thousands of dollars away in an attempt to outsmart the IRS in paying back taxes.

He is renown in his church circles for helping fund numerous missionary projects abroad.

This morning in my devotions, while pondering these conflicting patterns…

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