Introducing David Greenaway – Town Crier of Glastonbury

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

We spent May Day weekend in Glastonbury this year with Alienora and our friends… and one of the people unmistakably at the centre of the festivities was David Greenaway, the Town Crier.

The traditional Town Crier is an iconic figure. In some historic towns and cities, the role seems to have kept its  place over the centuries in one form or another, whilst in others it has been revived as a part of a living history.

From the very beginnings of mankind’s coming together in community, there has been a  need for news and, in the days before electronic media, when the ability to read and write was limited to the few, news could only be passed from mouth to ear. Proclamations had to be read to the populace, travellers‘ tales were valued, heralds and messengers were the only way of spreading news that affected an area or a nation…

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