Free Verse: I Am in His House

Raqi Raccoon

In this free verse poetry, „I Am in His House.“

A hiker, and a red fox cross paths. Sharing something of a necessity. Sharing space of green, browns, and lavender, scents and smells of wild. In small slow gestures, sounding together in a symphony of silence. Each a piece of something bigger, yet something significant in what we call nature. A free verse poetry and digital art piece to accentuate the appreciation of nature.

Image of free verse poetry,

I Am in His House

With the heat of summer,
I’m forced to take refuge,
under a big, old oak, near a small pond.
Nearly overgrown with tall grass,
it was barely visible.
It made me thirsty seeing it.
Especially after a long afternoon walk.
I had to stop and drink.
And so it seems he did too.
He wasn’t aware of me in the shadows.

At least not right away,
a medium sly Red fox.

Walking as…

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