At Hamas summer camp, kids ‘liberate’ Temple Mount, ‘kill’ Israeli troops

Brights - Die Natur des Zweifels

Children take part in a reenactment of the Temple Mount crisis during a Hamas summer camp in the Gaza Strip in July 2017. (Screen capture: MEMRI)

In a play, children pretend to shoot ‘Zionist pigs’ dead for their ‘defilement’ of the holy compound in Jerusalem


Children at a Hamas summer camp staged a reenactment of the recent tensions at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, with kids dressed up as Hamas fighters pretending to storm the compound and “liberate” the holy site.

Footage of last month’s graduation ceremony, which was translated Tuesday by the Middle East Media Research Institute, shows a group of children dressed up as Muslim worshipers confronting kids in Israeli Border Police costumes guarding metal detectors at the Mount, yelling, “We want to pray in the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

When the “worshipers” refuse an order to leave the Mount by the kids playing…

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