The Wyrm and the Wyrd – Within the living land

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

It had been a long time since I had first come across a reference to Thor’s Cave when I was doing some research for Dark Sage. We were not, at that point, feeling the call to go there; caves were not really on the menu. Although we had found our way into one or two, they had been incidental to the quest. Now it was a different matter and, for the third time in two days, we were heading underground.

It was a beautiful day…a little hazy but clear and warm. Water-boatmen sculled lazily across the surface of an old stone trough. As usual, we were accompanied by the birds as we followed the path that led towards the side of the hill. It’s head seems to rest on the land like some sleeping creature, eyes closed, but watchful.

There were, it seemed, eyes everywhere in the deserted landscape…

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