Closing Thought–02Aug17

In Saner Thought

The Place Is A Dump!

I have lived in some „dumps“ in my day….one place had roaches the size of small dogs….we all have had some sort of experience with housing that was not all that pleasing, right?

But there is one place that I would never have thought of as a „dump“….but it seems the Pres. is not happy with his new „crib“……

Donald Trump has reportedly explained the reason for his numerous visits to his New Jersey golf club – the White House is „a dump“.

The president has made at least four visits to the Bedminster club, as well as a string of visits to Mar-a-Lago, his Florida retreat.

And with renovations due to take place in the West Wing this month, he is scheduled to stay at the resort a lot more.

„That White House is a real dump,“ Mr Trump told golf club members before a recent…

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