A sort of poetry challenge: Surroundings

Jane Dougherty Writes

I was struck this evening by the odd assortment of objects that litter my ‚desk‘.  If you want to play poems about my work place, I’d be intrigued to read them. Post a link in the comments and let’s see what clutter you surround yourselves with.

DeskOn my desk, that I never use because it has been swamped by objects that leave no room for me, are two files of more or less important papers, a pot full of pens and pencils, a desk tidy where old letters lie in state from a time when we wrote letters, a few stamps (must buy some more) a clutch of photographs escaped from the Big Photo Box, a bottle of perfume, two boxes of seeds (aquilegia from the park and hollyhocks from a street in the Chartrons), dog nail clippers, postits and sellotape, and a bouquet of dried lavender. The chair is…

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