Hew Locke’s “Cui Bono” in Der Blinde Fleck

Repeating Islands


Hew Locke’s “Cui Bono” is on view in the Bremen Town Hall as part of the exhibition Der Blinde Fleck: Bremen und die Kunst in der Kolonialzeit [The blind spot: Bremen and art in the colonial era]. See link below for full program of events, including a panel discussion and Q&A with Hew Locke, director Christoph Grunenberg, and curator Julia Binter, on August 5, 2017, at 3:00pm at Bremen Kunsthalle.

Description of “Cui Bono”: (by Hew Locke): “The building is a symbol of civic pride and historical power. The Güldenkammer is the type of space that has inspired me for years – very beautiful yet carrying a heavy weight of meaning.  As do the picturesque ships sailing over our heads. I am creating my own ornamental four-metre long ship to replace one of these 16th century models for the duration of the exhibition.

Cui Bono (Latin for ‘who benefits?’) is a question asked in a legal or police investigation when trying to…

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