Edwidge Danticat writes into the unknown in ‚The Art of Death‘

Repeating Islands


Leah Mirakhor (Los Angeles Times, 14 July 2017) shares a deeply moving and sensitive review of Edwidge Danticat’s The Art of Death. Here are excerpts from “Edwidge Danticat writes into the unknown in ‚The Art of Death.’”

My father was dying and I was pregnant,” is a haunting echo from Edwidge Danticat’s 2007 memoir “Brother, I’m Dying,” the story of the deaths of her father from pulmonary fibrosis and her uncle in a detention center awaiting to enter the United States from Haiti. Like her acclaimed works of fiction “Breath, Eyes, Memory” (1994), “The Dew Breaker” (2004), “Claire of the Sea Light” (2013), her new book “The Art of Death: Writing the Final Story” delves into the physical and psychic landscapes of loss. In “Brother, I’m Dying,” Danticat translates “Pa pi mal,” a Haitian Creole term her father uses to explain his health, as “Not so good” and…

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