Charis D, finalist at Nevis Culturama Festival

Repeating Islands


Dominica News reports that Dominican calypsonian, Charis D, is a finalist in the Nevis Culturama Festival’s Kaiso competition. Her song “Nobody Doh Love Me,” has an environmentalist message, comparing the earth to a victim of domestic abuse. Listen to the song posted via Dominica News.

She is among nine performers who were chosen to go against King Dis n Dat in the Senior Kaiso finals on August 5, 2017.

The semi-final of the competition was held on Saturday, July 15. Charis D, whose real name is Charis Daniel, competed with the song, ‘Nobody Doh Love Me’ by Pat Aaron. She said in the song, she depicts Mother Earth as being treated in a bad way. “I am singing on behalf of Mother Earth, so I am saying nobody loves me because they are treating me so bad and I am the ultimate victim of domestic violence,” she explained.


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