Trumpcare 3.0 even worse than all the previous iterations, but McConnell undaunted

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That’s not the only part of the Cruz amendment that sucks, though. The people who buy those crappy plans Cruz would allow would be stuck in them—if they get sick and need to trade up for a plan that would actually take care of them, they would have to wait six months, as if they hadn’t had any coverage to begin with. Oh, and congress would be exempt from all this—they’ll still have the essential health benefits they’re taking away from their constituents.

And it destroys Medicaid. And it still takes funding away from Planned Parenthood. Sure, it throws a little bit of money to fighting the opioid epidemic, but not enough to make up for the Medicaid cuts. Everything that the would-be Republican moderates have been holding out for has been rejected, with McConnell deciding to go hard right to get Ted Cruz under the assumption that he can…

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