Tobi, Jimmy & I (Moment of Truth)


Characters in the Play

Tinu: Main Character
Jimmy: Tinu’s Ex
Tobi:Tinu’s Present
Interior Design Crew

Dear Dairy,
The kiss was like Magic!!
I let him pick me up and carry me back into the cottage and into the bedroom and he did it magisticaly.

Tinu’s POV
The cottage was now lit with scented candles, Ed Sheerans Give me Love was playing gently in the background and there were rose petals leading from the entrance of the cottage to the bedroom.

Diary, at this point my lady parts were reeking with emotions and he knew it, he knew me, and he knew he had me.

Diary, if I told you I tried the slightest to fight what’s was going on I would be lying to you, because I didn’t.

…In the bedroom

Theme song: Ed sheearn – Give me Love

He kissed me, I kissed him back,
He took off my…

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