Tillyplatz – News: Tomorrow is another day?

TILLYPLATZ 2030 - Marktplatz der Generationen

Today there is a standstill at the Tillyplatz. Last Friday was still diligently worked, but today one seems to wait for the things that could come.Tomorrow the bishop of Regensburg Dr. Rudolf Voderholzer will publish the final report on the abuses cases at the choir „Regensburger Domspatzen“. One may be anxious whether perhaps even Georg Friedrich Zimmermann (+ 1984) is mentioned. He could be the founder of an abuse system. After his conviction for acts at the Regensburger Domspatzen, he was pushed back to Eslarn. He founded youth groups in the village and in the surrounding area without further supervision and worked until his sudden death on 17 January 1984. His first job after returning to Eslarn was at the Tillyplatz in the so-called „Scherm-Anwesen“. This was abolished five years ago for the construction of the residential and nursing home. Above all in Eslarn by Zimmermann no child or teenager should be abused. If this…

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