Photographer Proves End of Privacy Is Here [Photos]

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: Photographer Proves End of Privacy Is Here [Photos] – Anonymous

By: Vandita via

How anonymous are you? Google knows what you’re looking for. Facebook knows what you like. The CIA knows how to use your TV/Smartphone to spy on you. Your communications are being monitored 24X7. You are being manipulated 24X7. You are being tracked 24X7. To quote British author Alex Preston: “We have come to the end of privacy.” To quote former tabloid journalist Paul McMullan: “Privacy is for paed0s.” 

If you still think you have privacy, 21-year-old Russian photographer Egor Tsvetkov will convince you to think otherwise.

In a thought-provoking social experiment for his art project titled Your Face Is Big Data conducted last year, Tsvetkov spent six weeks taking photos of 100 strangers on the Saint Petersburg’s subway before using FindFace (a facial-recognition app) to track down their profiles among…

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