Glitter Shimmerling meets the Hamstah Dudes

Robbie's inspiration


By way of context, Teagan Geneviene of Teagan’s Books is currently writing a really fun series of posts where each blogger discovers their fairy name and she writes your fairy character into a weekly story. My fairy name is Glitter Shimmerling and I liked this idea so much I decided to write my own post about my own fairy character and create her out of fondant too. You can visit Teagan’s entertaining blog and learn more about this great idea here:

This week, Michael and I also travelled to Scotland to be interviewed by the Hamstah Dude’s in their gingerbread house over at Shehanne Moore’s delightful blog. You can read the interview here which sets the background for this poetic response here:

Glitter Shimmerling meets the Hamstah Dudes

Fairy Glitter Shimmerling,

had a „Bake and Write“ blog,

the maintenance of which,

was a fun and exciting job.


On her blog she taught,

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