Eat Korean Carrots for 20/20 Vision


I can give you perfect proof that eating carrots will ensure perfect visual acuity – 20/20: have you ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses? Watch this:

Ah, Bugs as Humphrey Bogart, swilling carrot juice, „Here’s to you, baby!“

Carrots are so important to our health and so prevalent in every cuisine in the world that there is even a World Carrot Museum where you can learn all kinds of carrot facts, carrot legends, and carrot trivia. There is one carrot dish, however, that is named after a specific national cuisine – Korean Carrots. Interestingly enough, it is not really a Korean dish, that is , it doesn’t come to us from Korea. It is a staple in every Russian restaurant, especially those specializing in Central Asian cuisine, and is sold in many stores both in post-Soviet Russia and abroad. It was created by Koryo-saram, ethnic Koreans living in Russia, forcibly…

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