Detours and Obstacles

Hello World Goodnight Universe

Hello World,

All weekend I’ve been trying to get the last few seats out of the bus and every time we went to do it, it would start POURING.

Now you would think because the seats are inside that it wouldn’t matter if it’s raining… NOT… being that is a two person job with one person under the bus holding the bolts taught while the other one is inside unscrewing them it can’t be raining because the ground is dirt and it floods easily at this campground…

So when frustration started to get to me.. I remembered that sometimes obstacles are saying SLOW DOWN.. Especially with me cause I’ll run myself ragged being a I want it NOW type of person lol… So needless to say I had to step back and take a detour and that’s ok…..

Moral of the story… Detours are Obstacles don’t happen to make you…

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