Book Review #227

Capital Nerd

33543120.jpgHands down, this has been by far one of THE BEST family series I’ve ever read. Adriana Locke has managed to get me so incredibly attached to this family, it’s not even funny. Because until now—and who knows, maybe ‚til forever—I still have that deepyearning to be a Landry. The way she laid out and shared a perfectly imperfect, yet happy, contented and very tight knit family full of respect, loyalty and adoration for each member is utterly overwhelming in the most wonderful way possible. They all have me wrapped around their long, very capable and gorgeous—might I add—fingers. Each and every single one of them has me addicted. It really was a hook, line and sinker for me from the very first book, Sway. I mean, here I am, sitting and thinking I’m ready to commit a crime, getting into a polygamous relationship with these Landry…

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