A Musical A-Z : W


Getting ever closer to the dreaded ‚X‘. That will be a short post! But ‚W‘ has lots to offer, so please play along. Any band, song, artist, or album. As long as the name begins with ‚W‘. (And in case you were wondering, I am leaving you The Who. 🙂 )

Saved this one for today, right from the start. Another solo British female singer, one who can really belt out a song. Welsh songstress Duffy leapt to fame with her first album release ‚Rockferry‘, in 2008. It sold millions of copies, won a Grammy, and three Brit awards. I thought it was one of the best debut albums I had ever heard, showcasing a varied talent from the young woman. Then her second album missed the point completely, and she all but disappeared. She popped up in the Tom Hardy film, ‚Legend‘, playing the singer Timi Yuro, but has…

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