The future – A guest post by Craig Boyack

Robbie's inspiration

Today Michael and I are delighted to be hosting amazing author and blogger Craig Boyack here at robbiesinspiration. Michael and I are busy reading Will ‚o Wisp by Craig Boyack and we are thoroughly enjoying it. Read on to learn all about Craig’s new book The Enhanced League and his plans for his writing future.

Take it away, Craig

Thanks for having me over today, Robbie. There are several reasons to go on a blog tour, but this one is because of my new release, The Enhanced League. It’s a collection of short stories, but unlike my previous collections, this one tells an overarching story.

It’s the tale of a professional baseball league where anything goes. No drug testing, no arbitrary public persona rules, and much more flash. I like to think of it as the pro-wrestling version of baseball. There are some sports type stories, but there are…

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